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Friday night and I'm drawing this smelly skink. I'm probably just going to finish doing the entire student six at this point they deserve it

>people thinking the student six are minors
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The Pank is dank.
Why on Earth is this topic the thing that triggers people the most? Over murder and everything else?
Gotta learn to differentiate fiction from reality people.
Unless loli/shota is illegal in your area, what's the gosh dang problem?
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@Background Pony #3724
The legal status of lolicon stuff in the USA is… iffy. It is subjective to the political, cultural, or historical value, and as to whether it is considered obscene. There's not much objective statement about it other than that it is not inherently illegal.
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Background Pony #C3D4
Cloppers are going full lolicon in these students smh… have fun being handcuffed by the FBI!
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Adam Griff
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I dispise that statement people frequently use it just to paint people as unreasonable people who just make arguments for the sake of it to make themselves look smart
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I Speak Unto The Filth
That is irrelevant. I never said such a thing made sense. After all it's a drawing, who the hell cares. Just saying that they're different things
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"“age” for sexual artistic depictions" it's a freaking dragon she can be over 10000 years old (same can be said about other characters since thy age is never mention and we do not know the whole law of equestria) and as we know from the show dragons age/appearance depending on the wealth thy gather