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Yeah, the Twilight knowing what would happen thing is total BS. But, the point about Twilight and Discord’s relationship is spot on. After this episode, it feels like the moment with Scorpan’s medallion never happened. If I was Discord I would just give up trying to be friends with anyone else. Everyone made it clear from the start that they want nothing to do with him, and unless his pressence has some kind of benefit, that sentimate still exists now. Not a single episode has convinced me that anyone genuinely cares about Discord as a person other than Fluttershy.
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Twilight hates Discord. Hate may be a strong word, but Twilight is the only one of the Mane Six whose relationship with Discord has been sour in every single appearance they’ve had together.

Can’t blame her. He’s an asshole and I hate him too.
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Imagine being an adult that knows this is a children’s show and then still watches it. You’re literally part of a fandom that takes this show too seriously. Look up any one of the grimdark fics and pics that exist. Imagine doing that to a kid’s show. You’re supporting them. This is a dumb analysis, but saying it’s because they’re taking an adult view point to a kid’s show is fucking stupid. Like this fandom.
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Let me just get my input out the way

No one knew that Scorpan’s pendant was gonna be the last key. Twilight didn’t know. Discord didn’t know. No one knew.

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MLP is so badly written, I could make one of these “horrible life lessons” examples for every episode probably.

Some of these are just forced though…”Slice of Life” is an example of everyone being selfish whaat?…
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God, the one for MMC is just blown way out of proportion. God, it sounds like a rabid anti-Twilicorn fan wrote that. Christ.
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Wut? Is this serious? Twilight had no idea that freeing Discord would give her the last key needed to open the box.

I can’t even blame her for not liking Discord that much, considering that he acted (and sometimes still acts) like a jerk to everyone not named Fluttershy.

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