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Like stealing apples, hiding away someplace high up and making high-pitched bat noises? Yeah.
safe1972969 artist:silfoe1569 oc837363 oc only615091 oc:pterus113 bat pony64221 pony1325009 royal sketchbook613 adopted offspring1209 apple19127 bat pony oc24999 book39348 bookshelf4777 colt17933 description is relevant996 dialogue80324 ear fluff41719 eeee619 eyes on the prize6292 fangs33290 food87834 grin53073 happy38407 hiding1696 hoof hold10894 implied twilight sparkle2309 looking at something3898 male460419 offscreen character44015 parent:princess luna2825 parent:twilight sparkle9758 parents:twiluna383 prone30853 sharp teeth5168 smiling331681 solo1269419 speech bubble32142 squee2062 teeth15405 text76183 underhoof61828


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@LittleDog @dariyDfreeman

Look at the size comparison. I can see how he fits on the shelf based on that comparison. And he’s about the same size as Flurry Heart. And she fit in a book case in the show. Granted she’s a baby alicorn, but that’s beside the point. I’m just saying, I can see Pterus fitting on the bookshelf.
Background Pony #BC0F
I just hit me…… Flutterbat was Pterus’s other biological mother!
No wonder we don’t know where the other blood parent is.
(I tease. I know Silfoe will reveal her own thing about Pterus’s other parent when she feels good and ready.)