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This is a picture I felt like making, cause it's from a chapter of my work-in-progress fanfiction when the Mane 6 go to Canterlot for the night and Cheese Sandwich, Flim and Flam join Discord, Spike and Big Mac in their Guys' Night. I decided to call Flim and Flam the Wonder Twins, cause it was an easy fit, and the "GK" on Cheese Sandwich's cape and suit stands for "Gouda Knight", which is a pun on "good knight", an idea of one of my friends. True, their costumes aren't exactly the same style as Discord, Spike and Big Mac's, but I'm good at designing superhero costumes and not so good at medieval ones, and they are technically all heroes, so I didn't think it mattered. Hope everyone likes it!
safe1613206 artist:purplewonderpower34 big macintosh27048 cheese sandwich3802 discord29438 flam2034 flim2150 spike75641 draconequus9812 earth pony215147 pony880871 unicorn284271 dungeons and discords702 armor22296 arrow1955 bow25740 cape9499 captain wuzz94 clothes424866 costume25857 dungeons and dragons1197 facial hair5251 flim flam brothers1186 garbuncle93 gouda knight1 guys night out9 mask5853 moustache2809 ogres and oubliettes270 race swap13382 sir mcbiggen103 staff2811 sword10963 twins2047 unicorn big mac116 weapon28369 wonder twins11


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