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This is a picture I felt like making, cause it’s from a chapter of my work-in-progress fanfiction when the Mane 6 go to Canterlot for the night and Cheese Sandwich, Flim and Flam join Discord, Spike and Big Mac in their Guys’ Night. I decided to call Flim and Flam the Wonder Twins, cause it was an easy fit, and the "GK" on Cheese Sandwich’s cape and suit stands for "Gouda Knight", which is a pun on "good knight", an idea of one of my friends. True, their costumes aren’t exactly the same style as Discord, Spike and Big Mac’s, but I’m good at designing superhero costumes and not so good at medieval ones, and they are technically all heroes, so I didn’t think it mattered. Hope everyone likes it!
safe (1457810)artist:purplewonderpower (31)big macintosh (25617)cheese sandwich (3245)discord (27291)flam (1942)flim (2057)spike (69915)draconequus (6754)earth pony (157726)pony (723232)unicorn (215097)dungeons and discords (681)armor (19292)arrow (1718)bow (20075)cape (7912)captain wuzz (86)clothes (365755)costume (22670)dungeons and dragons (1078)facial hair (4067)flim flam brothers (1129)garbuncle (84)gouda knight (1)guys night out (9)mask (4547)moustache (2549)ogres and oubliettes (250)race swap (11282)sir mcbiggen (95)staff (2505)sword (9620)twins (1732)unicorn big mac (107)weapon (23620)wonder twins (11)


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