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safe1574411 artist:banebuster52 daybreaker2458 discord28670 fluttershy197664 alicorn195058 draconequus8992 pegasus239261 pony844946 adorascotch115 adoreris68 blushing175655 butterbreaker5 butterscotch1748 cute177131 diabreaker75 dialogue60539 discordia8 eris1949 female898284 fire hair88 floating heart1496 flutterbreaker6 gradient background10821 half r63 shipping1662 happy27582 heart43136 hug25447 love4350 male305174 mane on fire46 missing accessory7444 multiple pregnancy203 pregnant12288 rule 6325188 rule63betes612 shipping183853 simple background345228 sitting54922 smiling214683 speech bubble20529 spread wings47758 straight121603 wings75786


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Artist -

Eris best pony
My god… Eris deserves to be happy… well, time to return with Cephelus (R63 Cosmos), at least he was obsessed with Eris…

Daybreaker just hates every creature named "Eris", Turkeris confirms that.
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