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They have a very intricate system they use amongst themselves to determine who gets to cuddle Shining, for how long, and when
safe1754414 artist:jargon scott2586 princess cadance33192 queen chrysalis35524 shining armor23664 trixie68825 twilight sparkle306619 alicorn233506 changeling49935 changeling queen17812 pony1014014 unicorn343834 :t3872 bisexual5689 book34628 c:1223 calendar578 chrysarmordance177 comic111633 couch8733 cuddling8593 cute206149 cutealis2172 cutedance1290 dialogue68204 empty eyes578 eyes closed98497 fangs26779 female1405163 frown23634 heart50186 hoof hold8658 hug29190 implied incest1688 implied shiningsparkle98 jealous1262 lesbian99425 lidded eyes31888 male389125 mare503786 no pupils4211 on back25105 open mouth155196 polyamory6900 pouting2022 quadrupedal1793 raised eyebrow6700 reading6440 shining adorable579 shipping206087 simple background410396 size difference14984 smiling262258 stallion116195 straight140614 unamused16800 underhoof53888 wavy mouth3874 white background102827


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In Treue fest
One must always be aware of the cuddle rota when sharing a husband with a changeling queen.  
Similarly, one must always be aware of proper cuddling procedure when cuddling with a heavy changeling queen.