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Uploader and commissioner’s description:
My second commission with DLowell. I’m surprised the anon Sonic spammers didn’t notice this one.

Here I asked for the Diablon, a boss from the Shadow the Hedgehog game, to fight against Nightmare Moon. In the background, Shadowbolts are fighting against GUN Beetles. The Diablon here is charging the anti-matter cannon in the style of DBZ’s Kamehameha.

Artist descripton in DA:
Time: 16 hours (Not counting research and brainstorming)

A commission for FerrumFlos1st

NNM vs Diablon with the Shadowbolts fighting the Gunwings in the background.

Doing the Diablon mecha was much more challenging than the egg emperor due a lack of proper references detailing its structure and body so I had to make my own reference sheet. The egg emperor was easier since the main body was pretty much a sphere. XD

Challenging but a good learning experience.

In retrospect, I noticed that I tend to do a lot of dark-based pictures…
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