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I mean, I high key ship Starlight and Twilight
But then I was like, "What about Starlight x pre-Alicorn Twilight?"
And I was thinking Sunburst but tbh he isn't that much like Twi, likes he's studious but flunked school whereas Moondancer is pre-Alicorn Twi to a point
And I mean, Why not project my glasses aesthetic onto my fave character
Anyway um
Sorry I have stupid ships lel
Also they both have the abandoned friend thing
Okay have a nice day goodnight zzzzzz
safe1554862 artist:lolwise26 moondancer4331 starlight glimmer42932 pony826046 unicorn257128 blushing172477 chest fluff31471 crack shipping3465 female878926 floppy ears45872 glasses53813 glimmerdancer15 horns are touching621 lesbian91263 looking at each other15755 mare403926 shipping181481 simple background337525 smiling209685 transparent background176018


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