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It is from 4chan /ss2018/ thread. It is last collage of all the presents from the festival of Christmas autism (no cards tho). Since mixtape moe is shouting down I’m uploading it here.
Hope to see you guys next year!
suggestive (115572)applejack (149659)derpy hooves (46178)dj pon-3 (26868)fluttershy (186270)maud pie (11193)octavia melody (21159)pinkie pie (191059)princess celestia (84512)princess luna (88791)queen chrysalis (29772)rainbow dash (206092)rarity (159499)starlight glimmer (38905)sunset shimmer (51432)tempest shadow (11992)trixie (56881)twilight sparkle (263795)vinyl scratch (30962)oc (534012)oc:anon (10726)oc:aryanne (2960)oc:filly anon (2003)oc:kyrie (134)oc:luftkrieg (193)fallout equestria (13831)3d print (365)4chan (5630)ahegao (18820)body pillow (2969)candy (5199)christmas (9335)clothes (362426)clothing for the fearless (4)collage (1075)comic (91201)craft (3577)cup (4750)female (776879)figure (1076)filly (51669)food (52406)holiday (11781)irl (59899)/mlpol/ (435)mug (3133)nazi (3489)open mouth (106329)painting (2904)photo (67026)plushie (19960)poster (4419)present (4559)secret santa (46)shirt (17578)stockings (25748)swastika (2044)text (41651)thigh highs (24064)t-shirt (2774)woodwork (149)

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Background Pony #1BA3
@Background Pony #85F6
Le eeebil 4chon is filled with racist, sexist, homophobic incels. So they have to downboat on moral grounds, even if it’s a wholesome collage of sharing Christmas gifts with strangers.
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Background Pony #4F42
@Background Pony #85F6
Derpibooru has always been a cesspool of people wanting to suck the fun out of everything, they just all wear happy little pony masks so we don’t see their true nature.
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Background Pony #4F42
Fucking hell… I stop keeping track of the threads after a while and expect to see it here.
I was sure they would at least post my gift eventually…
Well, hopefully Santa will take my tracking info as proof that I’m not a fucking grinch, but I’m not entirely sure…
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(Previously known as HumanGhosts)

I read the description, and I still don’t know what I’m looking at. It’s a cool collection though.
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