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…but winning a new ally :D

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Part 2: >>2003777
Part 3: (You are here)
safe1556970 artist:badumsquish1901 derpibooru exclusive23850 oc594633 oc only404591 goo1222 goo pony1746 monster pony3442 original species22738 pony828093 absurd resolution63718 bedroom eyes50590 dragon quest (game)55 dragon warrior14 eyeshadow12694 fan game246 female881189 game3216 looking at you140796 makeup17185 melting602 nintendo entertainment system348 pixel art9249 prone22943 red and black oc1441 red eyes4969 shiny1978 sitting53898 slime1772 smiling210245


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Background Pony #8BA3
Well I suppose it'd be fine to have your magic drained if you're an (at least almost) exclusively physical fighter. But if you use magic much at all, then you probably won't want it drained when you enter a combat scenario.
Background Pony #8BA3
Besides the Shadow slime being able to take on the shape of anything you wanted to wear, would wearing her as armor or clothing provide any other benefits?
Background Pony #8BA3
Don't even care what she can do for the party, she's really cute, so she can join.
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Happy Derpy! -


And now that we have recruited Shadow Slime to our team, I think it is time to go back to the forest to deal with that troublesome Chimera who blocked our path…
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