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note : we don't know who owner oc's this.

private commission for shimmering spectacle

base by : unknown
svg file: —→ " ask me "

have fun and thanks for the fav

P.s invite or submit my vector to group "is allowed"

"please don't not use vector without permission! if you using please comment here "

MLP:FIM © dhx media and allspark pictures

Shimmering Spectacle oc's © shimmering spectacle

if you want support me donate point to me please
safe1678896 artist:luckreza8854 oc667323 oc only439205 oc:shimmering spectacle211 alicorn219160 pony941379 alicorn oc25748 coat markings826 colored wings5808 colored wingtips1637 curved horn6525 female1338306 happy30460 horn62390 leonine tail8253 magical lesbian spawn11673 magical threesome spawn554 mare467583 multiple parents350 offspring37948 parent:starlight glimmer1388 parent:sunset shimmer1418 parent:twilight sparkle8106 parents:twishimmerglimmer9 socks (coat markings)2446 solo1045230 star (coat marking)191 vector75786


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