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So, what do you say, friends? Up for one last trip around the block?
Well, I say one last trip, but if G5 turns out awesome I'll probably end up doing the same thing there too.
Also, just kind of an announcement in advance, I'm going to try avoiding killing myself doing this. If I'm not feeling it during a particular week, I won't do anything. There might be comics with fewer than four panels as well. Not saying either of those things will happen, just that I'm not opposed to it.
safe1615360 artist:deusexequus426 applejack162559 fluttershy202967 pinkie pie207445 princess celestia91166 princess luna95489 rainbow dash224014 rarity173768 twilight sparkle288277 alicorn206002 earth pony215825 pegasus257194 pony883194 unicorn285139 the beginning of the end2038 blushing182516 comic103327 female1285919 hoof shoes4543 hug26184 implied lesbian3150 implied shipping4557 implied twilestia151 incest12730 lesbian91843 mane six30371 mare439371 one sided shipping166 prank1375 princest2008 shipping188288 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118367 winghug2651


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Background Pony #78FF
@Background Pony #C66E
Eh, after a few thousand years, I feel like Celestia would have swapped orientations for laughs, and the only fetish she might not have tried is incest simply because she only had one sister.
Crimson Prose
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Gore Fics For Fun
Uh oh, Applejack went to get the shotgun. No backing out now, Celestia.

Maybe this was actually a 'prank' by Luna, convincing Celestia it'd be a great prank and then tricking her into announcing their wedding.