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Long time no see!
It’s been a while that I was busy with the college work.
I just watched MLP: FIM Season 9 ep 1-2 yesterday
So here you are my first fanart of season 9
safe (1392845)artist:blackligerth (82)king sombra (11503)twilight sparkle (253239)the beginning of the end (1669)spoiler:s09e02 (954)alicorn (155793)armor (18062)butt (5860)crystal (1877)dark (3762)dark crystal (176)epic (1207)eye contact (5516)fangs (16799)featured image (682)female (724269)fight (5012)frown (18863)glare (7408)glowing eyes (8224)glowing horn (12813)gritted teeth (8839)horn (22455)looking at each other (11845)male (246606)mare (317512)open mouth (100334)plot (63142)pony (659174)rearing (4255)sombra eyes (2527)spread wings (39646)stained glass (925)stallion (68945)twibutt (3647)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (98124)underhoof (40111)unicorn (190228)wings (49328)


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Onward, through the twisting vines and brainwashed thralls.
Of your shadowy taint, We come to purify Canterlot’s halls.
God of Chaos, friend so close, once such bitter foe.
By most craven cheap shot, he has been brought low.
With vilest magic, you challenge us in this throne room.
Come then, O you wicked king! The magic of friendship is YOUR DOOM!

this rhyme brought to you by the eternal spaghetti of the soul
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Life is but a dream
I can’t help, but imagine this as a Castlevania or Zelda style final boss battle where he teleports around the room shooting fire at you.

Also epic art. We need more "Twilight vs Sombra" art.
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