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Emerald asks if it has something to do with seeing using magic like she does.

Sensoria looks ecstatic and says, "Yes, yes! That's right! The spell is called Arcane Eyes, and it lets you see creatures with souls or creatures that give off magical auras. You said you had a spell that can make a smokescreen right? Why don't you go and cast it."

Emerald does, focusing on the target that Sensoria is standing next too. A few seconds later Sensoria steps out of the smoke in front of Emerald.

The colt asks how she did that since she couldn't see him, and she says,

"I sort of can see you. You are sort of… An area of darkness I can't see. So even though I can't see you directly, I know your general location." Sensoria says with a creepy giggle, "Anyway, let's have you try!"

Sensoria's spell is similar to his smokescreen spell, except that it doesn't make you cough and instead makes the whole area pitch black. Sensoria shoots out some hints and tips about the spell, and eventually Emerald gets it. He finds it easier to cast if he closes his eyes.

The spell isn't quite the same as vision. He can only "see" about forty feet around him, which amounts to Sensoria, Sweetie, and Ruby. However they lack any color other than a sickly green, and Emerald can only see the topography about a foot around them. Everythign else is black. Ruby is flourishing her wand, and Sweetie is trying her best to correct her form and casting ability.

Emerald walks over to Sensoria, and she giggles again and says, "Emerald, is that you? We are still surrounded by the darkness, right?"

Emerald says that they are, and then Sensoria says,

"Kiss me Emerald. Quick! Now! Please?"

What does Emerald do?


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