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Pretty soft for a Sony.
@Background Pony Number 17
I accept your headcanon and an addition to it,
Twilight Sparkle is Desperate to find out how changelings reproduce
and is currently trying to "discreetly" observe their mating habits,
even though the changelings don't even know what their mating habits are.
Twilight Sparkle respects their privacy just as much as a national geographic
in the wild observing the habits of some wild animal…
But unfortunately for Twilight Sparkle, changelings only seem to lay eggs
whenever she isn't around.
Background Pony Number 17
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition


Changelings really don't understand sex. They may not even be able to tell boy changelings and girl changelings apart. They don't know that sex makes babies; all they know is sometimes a changeling lays an egg. When Chrysalis was in charge, she collected all the eggs into a central brood-chamber and oversaw their hatching, so the changelings would all think she's their mother.

With Chryaslis gone, the changelings are trying to reinvent their culture, using ponies as a model. Since ponies have nuclear families, changelings now pair off as "father" and "mother" (whether "father" and "mother" are actually male and female may not be relevant). They still don't get the whole sex-makes-babies part, and continue depositing eggs in the hive's brood-chamber. But now, whenever a couple wants to start a family, they just adopt a hatchling from the brood-chamber and think it's their own child.