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Empress Cozy Glow
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Well, it’d probably go Queenie up at the top, then Celestia, and Luna being below her. The other two princesses included, and Twilight would… Likely be in between Celestia and Luna – power levels aside, it’d make sense what with twilight literally being the transition between day and night. Oh, and Cadance is at the very bottom. As always. =p

Though, if we really wanna get deep into lore, then Celestia could usurp Queen Black Hole by herself gaining some power-ups. She’s too, uh, small to really become a threat on her own, but in time, or through gobbling up magic like Tirek, Celestia could grow stronger with the multiple transformations: those being Red Supergiant, Supernova, and either Black Hole or Neutron Star. She’s not massive enough to become a black hole, but a neutron star still packs a ferocious punch, so yeah.

-Why did I just put so much thought into this, it’s like 1 AM I need to work in a few hours-
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I’m sure that one of the fantastic artists out here would make the lewd image if you payed them enough.
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PLEASE let there be porn of this oc… and please let her have a mottled orange ponut with a black center

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friendly art program
PLEASE let there be porn of this oc… and please let her have a mottled orange ponut with a black center
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The very god-being of the MLP universe that oversees all the various generations, alternate timelines, etc.
What happens when she suffers magic corruption and becomes THIS?
I don’t think much will survive.
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