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Uploaded by Background Pony #2E34
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The Crossover Game We All Want & Need, My Little Resident Evil 2 Friendship Is Magic The 2019 Remake.
Twilight Sparkle as Claire Redfield  
Flash Sentry as Leon Scott Kennedy  
Fizzlepop Berrytwist aka Tempest Shadow as Ada Wong  
Starlight Glimmer as Annette Birkin  
Sunset Shimmer as Sherry Birkin  
Sunburst as William Birkin  
Gladmane as Brian Irons  
Fleur-De-Lis as Katherine Warren  
Fancy pants as Ben Bertolucci  
Nightjar as Robert Kendo  
Zippoorwhill as Emma Kendo  
Flash Magnus as Marvin Branagh  
Sky Stinger as Elliot Edward  
Soarin’ as Daniel Cortini  
Doctor Caballeron as HUNK  
Nogan aka “Pow (Character)” as Ghost  
“Withers (Character)” as A. Kirkpatrick  
Smooze as Tofu  
Iron Will as Mr. X

Coming out when the fandom makes this ponified survival horror game crossover.
artist needed26192 source needed15354 safe1755154 edit136279 edited screencap67500 screencap228518 doctor caballeron811 fancypants1958 fizzlepop berrytwist9287 flash magnus855 flash sentry13185 fleur-de-lis3775 gladmane161 iron will1368 nightjar39 rogue (character)201 sky stinger538 smooze631 soarin'14226 starlight glimmer49887 sunburst7025 sunset shimmer64973 tempest shadow17033 twilight sparkle306667 withers193 zippoorwhill391 earth pony267869 ghost2817 pony1015094 unicorn344224 a matter of principals1115 a rockhoof and a hard place809 daring don't1061 dragonshy945 equestria girls207810 equestria girls series35072 filli vanilli1231 forgotten friendship5684 make new friends but keep discord2068 my little pony: the movie19482 putting your hoof down802 rarity investigates1166 season 12528 season 22092 season 31124 season 42865 season 51741 season 6965 season 7933 season 81270 spring breakdown2784 stranger than fan fiction1061 top bolt836 uncommon bond823 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)14943 spoiler:s081048 a. kirkpatrick2 abs11630 ada wong19 angry28172 annette birkin2 armor24520 beard3810 ben bertolucci2 bipedal36307 bowtie10689 brian irons2 broken horn14066 button923 canterlot5876 capcom252 cape10760 car6247 claire redfield20 clothes477354 collar34672 cracked horn98 cropped50615 crossover63907 daniel cortini2 daughter668 desk3414 disturbed178 door4083 drapes83 elliot edward2 emma kendo2 eye scar5193 eyebrows6643 eyelashes12523 facial hair6236 family4566 father603 father and daughter2694 fedora887 female1405898 filly69923 floppy ears54772 food73214 frown23645 game3769 gas mask1268 glasses64954 goggles14491 grand galloping gala536 grass10187 gritted teeth13323 guard armor87 gun16364 hat90703 helmet11274 henchmen370 high res33183 horn78352 hunk35 id card71 indoors3455 infected84 jewelry68772 katherine warren2 lab coat2258 lamp2781 las pegasus158 leon s. kennedy52 listening305 log721 looking up17208 looking up at you210 male389453 man141 mare504247 mask7110 messy mane7953 military grade equipment10 mocking236 mohawk795 monocle1006 mother2364 mother and daughter6108 moustache2973 mr x5 my little pony1332 my little pony logo4340 narrowed eyes897 necklace20664 necktie7616 nose piercing2816 office933 offspring41002 outdoors11722 parent542 parent and child58 parent and foal22 piercing43288 police1225 police officer760 police uniform514 ponyville6092 ponyville train station25 reaction image9572 resident evil434 resident evil 223 resident evil 2 remake9 resident evil logo4 ring3692 robe3762 robert kendo3 royal guard8132 scar12477 scarf23905 screaming3548 seat200 sherry birkin11 shield2212 shirt26307 sideburns218 skull3129 speakers783 spread wings57297 stage3201 stallion116318 standing12989 sunburst's cloak525 sunburst's glasses448 sunglasses15128 t-shirt4678 tiara4272 tofu (food)19 top hat4334 train station450 trenchcoat616 tyrant46 tyrant (resident evil)9 uniform11198 vest4024 walking4954 wall of tags3678 weapon31496 william birkin5 window8966 wings123905 woman490 wonderbolt trainee uniform1220 wonderbolts3708 wonderbolts logo90 wonderbolts uniform6000 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2414


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Background Pony #2E34
Yes, Starlight Glimmer is Annette Birkin & Sunburst is William Birkin in this therefore they are Sunset Shimmer’s Mother & Father in this because she is Sherry Birkin. Thus it also means that Sunburst will transform a hell of a lot in this, kill Starlight Glimmer & impregnate Sunset Shimmer with a G-Embryo.  
Thank you so much for your kind words, it warms my heart.