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Meet Primal Sound ;3

Primal is a punk rocker zebra. She was raised in a tribe that never experienced the sound of punk rock before, and she only experienced it when she was a teenager and moved form her tribe to the city. When she first heard it, she instantly feel in love with it and set out to make it her career.

She enjoys a lot of success in the punk industry, and she has a lot of fans across the world. She is a skilled singer, and is also a good guitarist as well.

She and Primal Screech are also good friend and have collaborated before in the past.
safe (1341884)artist:selma-schefer (2)oc (485688)oc only (346120)oc:primal sound (1)belt (3196)boots (14670)clothes (327947)collar (22637)ear piercing (14745)earring (12672)eyebrow piercing (461)female (681451)fishnets (3698)jacket (7861)jewelry (33231)leather jacket (2352)mohawk (516)nose piercing (1331)nose ring (1081)open mouth (95212)piercing (25306)punk (1573)reference sheet (7667)shirt (15111)shoes (20946)simple background (268283)socks (45402)solo (826509)spiked wristband (756)stockings (23758)striped socks (15563)thigh highs (21093)tongue out (69510)tongue piercing (680)t-shirt (2329)white background (65821)wristband (2171)zebra (12378)


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