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"Your soul is mine!"

Here is the one, the only, the sorcerer of Outworld himself, Shang Tsung! I will tell you guys, when I saw that Kary Togawa was coming back as Shang Tsung in the new MK11 game, I knew right then and there, I had to go with that design. True, I couldn’t tell what the colors really were, but I went with what I had. The design of course, was the most difficult part, and I know I may have missed a few parts to the human design, but I did the best I could. As for his cutie mark, I went with a soul, given he has been known the harvest souls… I hope you guys like.
safe (1341891)artist:pyrus-leonidas (195)beard (2414)boots (14672)clothes (327958)crossover (49141)curved horn (4246)facial hair (3439)fire (7974)goatee (987)horn (17693)male (230728)mortal kombat (462)pants (8427)ponified (32166)pony (608088)raised hoof (28927)shang tsung (12)shoes (20949)signature (13373)simple background (268289)skull (2035)solo (826519)stallion (63767)tail wrap (4659)transparent background (141248)unicorn (173896)


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