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They make a good duo. No, I’m not shipping them. First time I’ve drawn Spike with his wings.


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I, Da Witchfinder's avatar
I, Da Witchfinder
Ain’t nothin’ but a gangsta party
Ah shit, you done fucked up now
You done put two of Equestia’s most wanted
In the same motherfuckin’ place at the same motherfuckin’ time
Y’all about to feel this
Break out the champagne glasses and the motherfuckin’ condoms
Have one on us
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Background Pony #9DC9
@Background Pony #F36A
personally I was always a bigger fan of the whole Celestia raised Spike before giving him to Twilight, but I guess the actual parents raising him makes sense, at least more then a infant raising an infant.

Also I always thought the comics were kinda crap.
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Background Pony #F36A
So happy the comics were finally retconed, I swear, what was the author thinking!? This episode gives us clarity and shows that Twilight’s parents helped raise Spike, so I think it was 50/50, her parents raised him when he was a baby, but when Twilight got older, she took on the role.
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Background Pony #385C
I like these two duo dynamics. Puts that lunar dragon motif in some literal perspective. Hmm so what of their dark/mirror version?
Blood Moon Dragon or Nightmare Moon Dragon duo…
I need to go draw now
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I don’t read the comics either, but I agree.

I like the idea that they have had a friendship since the first nightmare night, hence why he feels heartbroken when he founds out she dreamed about the 6 but not about him.
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