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Officer Hotpants
Equality - In our state, we do not stand out.
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The Bravest Coward
I’ve said it before but I just love how they’ve pulled out all the stops for the last season. "Memes? Throw ’em in! Horrifying, excruciatingly painful death by melting? Go for it!"
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Speaking from an animator perspective, i applaud DHX and company for pulling the 360 shift work incredibly hard to do and finicky to execute properly i’m blown away to even see it done in flash
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When your character has put more thought into it than you trying to hide your political affiliations.
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Goddess Erosia
please call me mom~<3
I wonder how hard this was to animate…. Like have they secretly had quesi-3D model assets actually in their flash program somehow, or did they seriously have to do this frame by frame?
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