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Because when Chiara Zanni, the voice of Daring Do, is going to be a guest of honor at your local Pony Convention – Whinny City, you do what naturally should be done:

Get one of those body pillow designs like the show, and then ask her to autograph it while you’re in Daring Do cosplay.

And then after getting told you probably shouldn’t, and also realizing that you would be paying money for a body pillow cover you can’t use on the body pillow you don’t have, you do the next best thing.

Which is get the artist of the daki design you were planning to get, and commission him for a print of what you wanted to originally do.

Thank you so much, Frist, for getting this pic out quick, and making it a really awesome weekend. It was great hanging out with ya.

And yes, she did in fact autograph the picture.

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