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Twilight time!
Twilight time!
Twilight time!

TS: Enough!
safe (1448425)artist:nekokevin (806)starlight glimmer (38914)twilight sparkle (263881)alicorn (168092)pony (716072)unicorn (211538)series:nekokevin's glimmy (323)clones (552)clothes (362699)group (2493)irl (59910)looking at something (1890)looking at you (123602)multeity (1685)open mouth (106404)photo (67038)plushie (19967)self ponidox (6354)sitting (46936)smiling (186807)socks (49989)spread wings (41690)starlight cluster (72)starlight's little twibird (43)striped socks (16923)surrounded (88)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (104254)wings (54924)


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The negative charge of the Starlights keeps them bound to the corresponding positive charge of the Twilight.
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