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Based on this:

Timber Spruce definitely deserves to be with Twilight than Adagio.
safe (1461405)edit (103445)editor:sonic ranger (122)flash sentry (11196)sci-twi (19470)sunset shimmer (51993)timber spruce (1684)twilight sparkle (265830)equestria girls (164104)equestria girls series (25089)spring breakdown (2023)spoiler:eqg series (season 2) (9408)all good (song) (67)female (788369)flashimmer (1541)guitar (3998)lifeguard timber (231)male (267958)microphone (4019)shipping (168809)shipping war in the comments (66)sleeveless (2555)starry eyes (2469)starstruck (14)straight (112028)timbertwi (354)updated (375)wingding eyes (16650)

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