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suggestive188337 artist:minacream6 princess celestia111687 princess luna116148 human240119 equestria girls252860 g42003925 adorasexy12553 beautiful8432 belly button108017 bikini25180 blue hair1945 blushing267985 breast squish2653 breasts384194 busty princess celestia13592 cleavage45871 clothes623794 crown29327 cute262542 cutie mark on equestria girl1007 eyelashes25803 female1776863 green hair872 harem outfit437 horn177974 horned humanization7979 humanized117919 jewelry110341 light skin6058 loincloth1692 long hair8017 looking at you253540 multicolored hair11371 open mouth232227 pink hair2645 regalia35618 royal sisters6552 sexy45107 signature42434 simple background583795 swimsuit38528 white background156975 winged humanization10026 wings215953


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Background Pony #0D78
Maybe after retiring from a thousand-year reign Celestia decided to indenture herself to a foreign king for a few decades to experience being ruled instead. Luna wasn’t so sure it was a good idea but wanted to stay with her sister.