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suggestive167823 artist:minacream6 princess celestia103268 princess luna107373 human189465 equestria girls228398 adorasexy11150 beautiful6584 belly button92669 bikini21795 blue hair1373 blushing231300 breast squish2171 breasts329938 busty princess celestia11896 cleavage39711 clothes540864 crown23376 cute228696 cutie mark on equestria girl923 eyelashes20459 female1556539 green hair655 harem outfit377 horn108978 horned humanization7400 humanized108008 jewelry86176 light skin4862 loincloth1375 long hair5353 looking at you207707 multicolored hair8409 open mouth187954 pink hair1737 regalia27764 royal sisters5412 sexy36071 signature33398 simple background481350 swimsuit33869 white background123789 winged humanization9398 wings163441


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Maybe after retiring from a thousand-year reign Celestia decided to indenture herself to a foreign king for a few decades to experience being ruled instead. Luna wasn’t so sure it was a good idea but wanted to stay with her sister.