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She loves kite so much that she eat it, everyday XD

Twitter https://twitter.com/CyanSLightning/status/1123067011439841280

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safe (1426603)artist:cyanlightning (869)starlight glimmer (37906)pony (694489)unicorn (202410)absurd res (61269)chest fluff (25662)cute (148077)ear fluff (17737)eating (7534)female (758119)filly (50361)filly starlight (353)glimmerbetes (2902)holding (1890)kite (623)nom (2622)pigtails (3202)silly (6432)silly pony (2648)simple background (290162)sitting (45993)smiling (182757)solo (874497).svg available (6754):t (3300)that pony sure does love kites (205)transparent background (151553)vector (66471)weapons-grade cute (2701)younger (13825)


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