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Trixie Lulamoon wants Twilight Sparkle for herself and does not want any competition.
safe1616433 artist:themexicanpunisher695 flash sentry12166 sunset shimmer58939 timber spruce1855 trixie64040 twilight sparkle288411 alicorn206221 pony884263 female1286706 graveyard of comments131 implied flashlight158 implied lesbian3153 implied shipping4561 implied straight5189 implied sunsetsparkle291 implied timbertwi37 lesbian91905 ponified39019 possessive131 shipping188443 species swap18032 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118420 twixie4971 wrong magic color36


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Background Pony #ACC6
all the trixie x Twilight dont work! why? is very sample, the personality of Trixie is not the type of pony Twilight want as boy friend or girl friend! those two as couple base on the cutie mark and talent over thier personality! twilight is not friend with trixie so is not possible for two be in couple! flash sentry a more chance for this! if the trixie fan want really want trixie be in couple with a other mare well we got startlight! those two thier friendship are very close and is a lot a chance become lesbian(twilight will be speech by see starlight be lesbian with trixie)