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“Beach” Celestia  
Thanks to 32232232 for commissioning Celestia in Rainbow Dash bikini!
NSFW version here:  
suggestive164942 artist:fantasyblade539 princess celestia102261 principal celestia3971 human185911 equestria girls226008 absolute cleavage4444 beach18254 beach babe907 bedroom eyes68765 bent over4621 bikini21431 bikini babe839 breasts323691 busty princess celestia11671 cleavage39161 clothes532764 female1535194 hair over one eye10689 horn104918 horned humanization7308 humanized107114 lipstick13122 looking at you203246 praise the sun2198 rainbow dash bikini101 sexy35368 solo1209543 solo female199266 stupid sexy celestia1824 sunset6256 swimsuit33360 tan lines784 tanlestia26


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The Tastiest
As much as I love Celestia in a Rainbow Dash bikini, I gotta wonder, why the heck is it almost exclusively Celestia wearing this bikini?