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Request artwork for user GenericArchangel, as a prize for correctly answering a quiz on The Starlight Glimmer Appreciation Thread forum topic.
safe (1426930)artist:edhelistar (82)derpibooru exclusive (20266)starlight glimmer (37920)sunburst (4726)pony (694651)unicorn (202495)bed (30923)blanket (4035)crush plush (89)cute (148112)dream (2015)eyes closed (67824)female (758290)glimmerbetes (2901)hair flip (166)hearth's warming doll (33)horn (25920)hug (22581)implied starburst (106)kanji (132)mare (334211)onomatopoeia (2184)pillow (12755)plushie (19689)signature (14827)simple background (290232)sleeping (19199)sleep talking (36)solo (874621)sound effects (1046)tengwar (27)that pony sure does love kites (205)traditional art (96234)zzz (1966)

not provided yet


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Sky Blazer
Or even her hot water bottle cover

and slippers?
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