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So I’d thought of doing more of Aleximusprime’s older spike in bow ties because I find it cute, But instead I’d thought of a thing. Why not I just give him a crown and cuffs to give him a complete regalia with his bow tie rarity made him! So I gave spike those just to relate to twilight’s identity although he is just her “faithful assistant”, But why not give spike regalia Oh what the heck! Anywho, Why you guys are realizing that Prince Spike & Princess Twilight Sparkle are in canterlot and not their castle, I realized I just gave them the background just because it looks cooler that way.
safe1901803 artist:aleximusprime1707 artist:disneymarvel96215 edit150346 vector edit3685 spike85273 twilight sparkle324879 alicorn261166 dragon67028 adult2892 adult spike1246 anklet1220 big crown thingy2672 bowtie12140 canterlot6267 chubby14778 confident936 crossed arms6430 crown22888 cuffs5341 fat24982 fat spike479 future588 jewelry84284 looking at each other25779 lord14 necklace24357 older32418 older spike7516 older twilight2428 peytral4538 prince255 princess2725 princess of friendship45 regalia27125 sassy456 smug7290 throne room1274 tiara5069 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134826 vector82345 winged spike9121 wings159060


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Biggest loser
I’m feeling the same for twilight but for spike I just feel they made him look more generic since he’s portaryed as a runt of dragons, I expected a design quite a bit different, but to me he looks like he could be one of garble’s lackeys

"Abandoned since 2019"
I like Old Spike’s official design, but Old Twilight’s official design looks like Celestia cosplaying as Twilight.
So obviously, this looks better.