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explicit (281687)artist:fleet-foot (4)applejack (147447)anthro (200187)earth pony (147448)unguligrade anthro (37286)aftersex (7230)anus (77689)applebutt (3092)applejack's hat (3772)ass (35817)balls (57813)belly button (59592)bent over (2148)big breasts (56231)blushing (153440)both cutie marks (8082)breasts (202835)busty applejack (6606)butt freckles (1333)butt grab (1930)butt touch (1947)clitoral hood (813)clitoris (20952)clothes (354681)cowboy hat (10429)creampie (23280)cum (64755)cum trail (433)daisy dukes (1166)disembodied hand (2110)disembodied penis (6567)doggy style (6241)dripping (3448)dripping cum (1655)female (757626)female focus (4076)fingerless gloves (3308)flannel (204)flashing (999)freckles (20443)from behind (10393)front knot midriff (1146)gloves (14232)grope (9064)hand (6774)hat (64510)heart eyes (11591)hoers (2570)horsecock (51306)leggings (1335)looking at you (120081)looking back (41684)looking back at you (7477)looking over shoulder (1195)mare (333882)midriff (16230)nipples (118749)nudity (294050)open mouth (103844)penetration (41144)penis (121331)penis on face (919)pubic hair (6185)rope (8941)sex (93628)shorts (10263)smiling (182608)socks (48998)solo (874061)solo focus (12349)speech bubble (16591)spreading (13557)text (40409)thigh highs (23443)undressing (4075)vaginal (29369)vaginal secretions (32642)vulva (97195)wingding eyes (15902)


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Background Pony #70DA
Holy shit whomever the artist that did this is great, sucks there only two pieces up here though I’d love to see more from them, preferably celestia, but the rest of the mane 6 would be nice for sure.
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Oh jeez, I didn’t expect this to make it here. So, first and for most thank you for making this such a big thing! I actually came across this while looking around on Reddit. Followed some links and wow! So again thank you seriously. I looked over the comments you guys are in fact right. I’m a furry artist, but I tend to do a lot of different things. Fan art included. I would adore to draw more MLP stuff, but sadly not to many people commission it. If anyone is interested you can always poke at me on my twitter. Or if you prefer poke at me on my FA.
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This is super lovely!~ Gawds. Sexy figure, beautiful face, so many great poses. Does anyone have a link to their FA or something? I have a few friends who want to commission them already XD
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Background Pony #71A8
Lol, it was a joke comment. It’s hot art, I was just teasing Applejack for her inability to stop saying countryisms. Chill. It wasn’t in any way meant to be an insult to the art or to the artist.

And I post on NSFW in Anonymous because I use the same account name in a bunch of places, and I don’t want anyone who looks for my DB account to see 90% of my comments are on NSFW pics. Same reason I avoid faving NSFW.
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