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/Maan I hate to post my sketches out here but I guess it’s ok since I’ve uploaded full art earlier/

I really enjoyed 200th episode tho, this whole idea of Spike being Twilight’s and Shining’s little brother is just perfect.. I love sibling theme so muuuch I think it’s so relatable..
safe (1460703)artist:princess-liliana (36)shining armor (20387)spike (70017)twilight sparkle (265713)alicorn (170621)dragon (40122)pony (725952)unicorn (216371)sparkle's seven (1464)spoiler:s09e04 (1457)blushing (158425)crown (11427)cute (154379)eyes closed (70138)family hug (6)female (787869)group hug (691)hard-won helm of the sibling supreme (148)hug (23172)jewelry (41148)male (267790)mare (352451)regalia (13203)scene interpretation (7107)shining adorable (350)simple background (299808)sparkle family (95)spikabetes (1538)spikelove (1081)stallion (76994)trio (6228)twiabetes (8660)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (105195)white background (74806)


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