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Thankfully, she knows that this section of Canterlot Palace is rather remote and abandoned, away from the public view. There’s virtually no reason for anybody to come here. However, being suspended at such height in an outdoor corridor, Princess Luna is not only exposed to any unlikely passerby, but to the chilly mountain winds as well. With every random gust she’s reminded of her hopeless position, hanging from ropes so painfully tight around her slender, aching body. Even above her clothes they are digging in her numbing skin, under the relentless pressure of her own weight. Every breath is not only a struggle against her restrained frame but also increasingly painful for her sensitive armpits and chest. The ballgag keeps her jaw forcefully stretched and open, drool freely streaming to the floor several meters below. Her dark jeans are open and slightly lowered, offering a pretty view of the tiny underwear she was made to wear. And as the candle flame inches ever closer to her delicate toes, the wax between them starts to melt once again, after being agonizingly poured over her tied feet in the span of hours. Her entire head is being pulled back not only by her harness but also her pierced horn, with every little movement there sending jolts of pain piercing through her skull. Finally, her wings have been firmly pressed inside their bondage case, cramped close together. Of course, the heaviest strain falls on her back, the grueling agony only getting worse by the minute as her exhausted muscles are unable to support her any longer.

Good thing is that she can’t really do anything at all about this, she’s only going to take it until she’s freed of her punishing bondage. She knows she deserves it anyway.

In other words, I wish that were me.

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suggestive139486 artist:fetishsketches742 princess luna97922 alicorn218630 anthro253610 plantigrade anthro31287 ballgag6965 barefoot26824 bondage32896 bound wings3459 clothes448748 drool24220 feet38732 feet tied56 female1336073 femsub10499 foot torture16 gag14174 horn piercing184 hot wax9 jeans3972 lunasub291 monochrome147831 pants14029 piercing39702 punishment856 rope11198 rope bondage3840 signature23275 solo1043640 solo female176818 story included8780 submissive16237 toes6116 wings100974


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