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- Princess Salacia Cthula
- Young Adult, female
- Draconeequis, goddess of the sea
- Daughter of Cosmos (idw comics) and Princess Luna

- Silly sweet and seductive, Salacia is a master conversationalist and knows just the right way to get you to lower your defenses. Usually for her gain, of course.
- Seems to have no moral code, but is not inherently evil
- She can be sweet as pie and your best friend, but can turn deadly in the blink of an eye
-Always felt out of place among ponies due to her form, left pony-kind to live with the sea ponies as a witch
- Most sought after royal besides her cousin Dawn. this is due to a substantial reward for finding her, and her magical capacity

Hope ya like this slimy crotch spawn ;-;

Cosmos here:
safe1615716 artist:unoriginai778 oc627118 oc only418329 draconequus9876 jellyfish176 draconequus oc1158 fangs22828 female1286188 magical lesbian spawn10815 next generation5820 offspring35371 parent:cosmos34 parent:princess luna2025 parents:cosmosluna1 simple background361214 tentacles11106 text53570 transparent background187136


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