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Her father, Mr. Zippy. He is in the episode Putting Your Hoof Down. He's a grey mail pony with bad eyesight, so I always thought he could be Derpy's father.

Her mother Graceful Falls, she appears in the background in those wedding episodes

Hugh Jelly (Hughbert Jellus), the pony who's strangely obsessed with tubs of jelly. I've always thought of him as her brother.

Crackle Pop appears in The Cart Before the Ponies participating in the Applewood Derby alongside Derpy, so I think he actually is her brother

Derpy's baby sister Dipsy. A baby unicorn that appeared in Baby Cakes, who has the same color scheme as derpy.
safe1637317 artist:thecheeseburger368 crackle pop203 derpy hooves49018 dipsy hooves55 graceful falls7 hugh jelly235 mr. zippy28 earth pony223175 pegasus265021 pony902622 unicorn294285 family4253 food65825 group3259 hat81608 looking at you156459 mail1093 mailbag852 mailmare1059 muffin6284 parent529 siblings7410 simple background370016 smiling229723 transparent background192205


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