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safe1584023 artist:tastyrainbow124 twilight sparkle283417 pony854576 unicorn272933 angry24350 blank flank7059 blushing177408 book30727 bookhorse497 bust41937 comic101220 cute180679 dialogue59497 featured image791 female1181339 floating heart1650 frown21523 glare7976 heart43498 hoof hold7405 hug25441 lidded eyes27093 looking at you147311 madorable574 mare425873 missing cutie mark4014 open mouth124906 simple770 simple background348136 smiling217587 solo980680 sweet dreams fuel837 talking to viewer2140 text51887 that pony sure does love books1070 truth949 twi12 twiabetes10423 unicorn twilight13580 white background86979 wholesome339


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Adan Druego

[IsoCon] 01-056-003-001
So, the age-old question, which Twilight is better, unicorn Twilight or alicorn Twilight?

The answer is however quite simple. Whether you prefer unicorn or alicorn, and whichever you feel is truly better, one thing remains the same.

Best Twilight is, in fact, Twilight. Twilight is best Twilight.
The purplesmart bookhorse Twilight "Twiggles" "Twiley(nanas)" Sparkle is best researcher in the field of Magic Pony Princess of Friendship Things with her doctorate thesis on Extreme Panic, more commonly known as"Twilighting".
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