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safe (1446032)artist:lytlethelemur (171)applejack (149527)axilla (24)gallus (4655)lumbar (23)moondancer (3903)ocellus (3657)rainbow dash (205913)sandbar (3931)silverstream (4370)smolder (5241)changedling (6033)changeling (33294)classical hippogriff (3911)dragon (39078)earth pony (154082)griffon (21696)hippogriff (6889)pegasus (193933)pony (713657)series:five things you didn't know (24)blushing (156342)blushing profusely (1230)bubblegum (924)cap (3084)cute (151666)diaocelles (296)disguise (3236)disguised changeling (1859)embarrassed (8942)female (775366)food (52308)gallstream (243)gum (749)hat (66138)hug (22923)i can't believe it's not idw (289)male (263120)older (19360)older ocellus (45)prank (1237)sandbar is a goddamn moron (6)shipper on deck (1327)shipping (166787)sleeping (19478)sleep mask (198)snoring (508)straight (110866)sweat (20243)sweating profusely (263)typewriter (128)


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Sky Blazer
I guess it’s secret feelings in Gallus’ case. He may act like he’s not interested, but deep in his lonely heart he yearns for her touch. ^ o ^
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