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safe (1521076) artist:xbi (634) starlight glimmer (41288) pony (795690) unicorn (242285) abstract background (10857) cheek fluff (3903) cute (166910) dialogue (56464) ear fluff (21117) eye clipping through hair (3704) female (845270) glimmerbetes (3184) kite (675) looking at you (134645) mare (386223) open mouth (115730) sitting (51621) solo (936076) that pony sure does love kites (222)


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Background Pony #4CC8
Her problem is being impulsive, not "solving her problems with magic"
Magic is just a tool and the show has not established it as being a bad way to solve problems, other characters do it all the time.


Seriously, how many times has she unequivocally solved the episode's problem with her magic alone? You can probably count them on one hand, if you lost a couple of fingers.