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The epic sequel to yoshi commits tax fraud, yoshi goes as far as capturing the princess of equestria to avoid paying taxes now it’s up to silverlay, and applejack to stop the dino from influencing ponies to avoid paying taxes, but they’ll need help from hell fighter 17 and dante from the devil may cry series, but you can play as yoshi as you avoid the ponies from catching you!
Silverlay is owned by estories
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The Lost Primarch
So, tip for fighting Dante: If you’re using Rarity, you CANNOT out-style that crazy devil. It’s literally impossible without hacking the game.

…It DOES lead to one of the funniest in-game scenes though if you try.

I also like how his fight changes depending on who you use and he uses different styles depending on which of the Mane Six you use to fight him.
Background Pony #26DF
I played this game before. It was real easy and fun! The character I played as most was Pinkie Pie. My worst experience with this game is that there was a long ass un-skip-able cutscene of Princess Celestia singing because my 2DS’ battery was running low and I franticly looked for the charger…
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Comments26 comments posted