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18 comments posted
Background Pony #2E1B
My headcanon is, the price of "no hunger" of reformed changelings is a capped power, while unreformed changeling have no cap to their power, as long as they have love.
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Love power ups seem to be pretty temporary, perhaps another reason why she cocoons her meals so she can feed again later, makes the power boost last longer.

Also, I’m pretty sure any being of power comparable to what Tirek has at a given time can resist his draining. This was shown by how Twilight had to give it up willingly.
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Background Pony #B11B
@Scintilla Aquila
I’m curious how powerful Chrysalis is because when Tirek absorbed her magic at the end of the episode he grew a lot from it.

She was wrecked by Twilight in "the mean 6" episode. So she more powerful than average pony, but below alicorns.
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