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Here is my full Wishlist for season 9 of My Little Pony. I used this template… made by my friend PurpleWonderPower

1- I want Scootaloo to finally fly

2- I want Rainbow Dash and her parents to adopt her

3- I want CheesePie to be canon

4- I want Sparity to be dumped

5- I want the Tree of Harmony to be restored

6- An epic fight with the League of Villains. You have to end such a great series with an epic conclusion
and final battle right?

7- I want the Pony of Shadows to return and maybe replace Sombra for the League of Villains

8- An Epic fight with the Pillars and Stygian maybe against the League of Villains

9- I want Cozy Glow to be reformed. 

10- I want Chrysalis to be sent to Tartarus or killed. Seriously I dont want her to be reformed.

11- I want Twilight to become the Princess of Equestria and maybe Starlight to become the Princess of Friendship. Seems like a good way to end the series plus it seems this is Twilights destiny.

12- To see Princess Celestia and Luna’s parents or find out if they have any.

13- Lightning Dust to return, reform, and become friends with Rainbow Dash again.

14. Scorpan to make an appearance in the show

15. Another Ogres and Oubliettes episode
safe (1458387)artist:swiftgaiathebrony (60)big macintosh (25620)bow hothoof (802)cheese sandwich (3247)cozy glow (4664)discord (27296)flash magnus (634)grogar (1051)lightning dust (3932)lord tirek (4186)meadowbrook (647)mistmane (590)pinkie pie (192184)pony of shadows (378)princess celestia (84982)princess luna (89263)queen chrysalis (29967)rainbow dash (207063)rarity (160339)rockhoof (872)scootaloo (47284)scorpan (257)somnambula (1494)spike (69935)star swirl the bearded (1787)stygian (609)tree of harmony (602)twilight sparkle (265414)windy whistles (1646)alicorn (170038)unicorn (215336)bloom and gloom (960)dungeons and discords (681)marks for effort (982)parental glideance (953)pinkie pride (1403)secret of my excess (628)shadow play (1141)the beginning of the end (1786)twilight's kingdom (2620)wonderbolts academy (1219)spoiler:s09e01 (1463)spoiler:s09e02 (1062)captain wuzz (86)cheesepie (1047)dungeons and dragons (1078)female (785494)garbuncle (84)legion of doom (199)male (267007)ogres and oubliettes (250)pillars of equestria (213)race swap (11298)scootadoption (65)shipping (168429)sir mcbiggen (95)sparity (6002)straight (111782)tartarus (397)things i want to see in season 9 (4)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (105046)unicorn big mac (107)


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@Background Pony #9455
Welcome to the fandom pal, where everyone cares more about couples than the argument itself. (Or at least what I saw in other fandoms too, it’s always shipping, but that option not always going to be a good one. Or at least I believe that, because I saw shows in a way that lose their enchants for the shippings, star vs forces of evil or Miraculous ladybug for example)
Background Pony #9566
Why shouldn’t I be entitled? We are one of the largest and most popular fandoms. We helped the show in many ways and do more work than the writers. There’s a lot of things they could do for us that they never did. Like making our fanfics into episodes, giving our Ocs background appearances, making our ships canon, or like I said at least making top theories canon.
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