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Since I have (almost) a complete collection of Mlp characters.

I have here twilight and her re-form Friends Like Trixie, Starlight, Sunset and (of course) Tempest.

Now their twilight and Tempest you guys know I 100% ship.

And theirs Starlight and Trixie their but I’m more on starburst (AKA Starlight x Sunburst).

And their Sunset left out. Well I think Sunset is cuddling with Twilight and Tempest because I think it’s a cute tresum.

either way it’s a cute photo.
safe (1505374) artist:ejlightning007arts (715) starlight glimmer (40878) sunset shimmer (54129) tempest shadow (13883) trixie (59423) twilight sparkle (272900) alicorn (180085) pony (782259) blanket (4339) build-a-bear (567) counterparts (830) cuddling (7451) cute (163689) female (829845) lesbian (87640) photography (498) pillow (14180) plushie (20781) shipping (174960) snuggling (6288) startrix (2393) sunsetsparkle (4160) tempestlight (2604) tempestlightshimmer (14) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (109313) twilight's counterparts (866)


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TwiStar will always be the best ship. They are practically made for each other.