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Artist's comment:

I'm glad that my artbook finally appeared in a store! Come and get
safe1639173 artist:holivi672 apple bloom48002 fluttershy205642 scootaloo50130 sweetie belle47777 twilight sparkle291717 butterfly6689 earth pony224046 fish2311 pegasus265997 pony904934 unicorn295400 anthro245655 plantigrade anthro29937 unguligrade anthro45402 :34255 :<997 adorkable3412 advertisement8235 alternate hairstyle26324 anime style531 anthro with ponies2469 armpits42117 artbook4 bad girl48 barefoot26223 beach14009 beautiful5252 belly button72788 big breasts75971 bikini17097 blouse529 blurred background619 blushing186427 breasts260763 briefcase143 busty twilight sparkle11381 butterfly on nose151 chair6400 choker10730 classroom1571 clipboard1154 clothes435538 collar30985 curvy6277 cute189638 cutie mark collar302 cutie mark crusaders18571 cutie mark on clothes1588 dork3671 ear fluff26286 eyelashes7229 eyes closed86226 feet37519 female1304989 filly62857 hand on hip5394 horn55789 insect on nose305 long nails460 looking at you156734 lying down13278 mare449683 midriff18758 miniskirt4882 moe1328 nails340 plaid skirt630 pleated skirt4012 ponytail16734 pose5366 prone24447 school desk54 school uniform6959 schoolgirl1818 shirt22988 short shirt1444 signature21476 sitting59034 skirt37728 smiling230229 socks62038 sports3228 standing11239 sun6285 sweater vest406 swimsuit26742 tankini152 thigh highs32479 unicorn twilight15320 unshorn fetlocks22937 volleyball514 wall of tags2806 water12212 zettai ryouiki1794


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