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Twi probably has a book or 6 on all the possible reasons Pterus would start biting when he’s too old for teething. Whether or not they’ll help is another matter entirely.
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During our discussion I forgot to ask about pricing for works. Looking at your price sheet it says backgrounds and other complicating factors can add to the cost, but does it vary on an individual basis or is there a set price for specific factors?

Seems pretty normal for first time parents. XD  
“The child is doing something strange and I don’t know how to react to it. Help!”
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He has his teeth. They’re shown there making little indents on Luna’s leg.
And the description mentions him being too old for teething to be an issue which is why Twi’s about to read through every foal-rearing related book in her massive library… again.

Luna: Twi help!! I DON’T WANNA BE AN VAMPONY!!! Oh, wait, he’s got no teeth yet.
(But how old is Pterus here. I thought he already had his fangs when they adopted Pterus. Unless he got hit with an age spell, be purposefully or accidentally, which makes the situation all the more cuter. Still, cute piece in any case.)
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Pterus dear. Mommy Luna is not a chew toy, please stop.
gets gnawed on  
I said stahp, not change targets! @.=.<;
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Needless to say, that was the last time Luna used the mango-scented shampoo.