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So basically, this is the next generation of Princesses; Twilight in Celestia's place, Sunset in Luna's, and Starlight in Cadence's. I may do a more improved version with a background and jewelry, but for now, enjoy their designs.
safe1639664 artist:amelia-bases34 artist:dippygamer647 starlight glimmer46554 sunset shimmer60085 twilight sparkle291788 alicorn211141 pony905304 alicorn thrones38 alicornified5066 alternate hairstyle26336 base used17633 chair6400 counterparts863 ethereal mane7226 female1305429 hilarious in hindsight3086 long mane3148 mare449934 older24910 older starlight glimmer165 older sunset46 older twilight1405 ponytail16739 race swap13617 shimmercorn623 sitting59070 smiling230356 starlicorn382 throne2966 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119938 twilight's counterparts886 ultimate twilight418


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Busy procrastinating
Twilight rules during the day.
Sunset rules during the night (especially since it's then when parties are going on and clubs are open and whatnot).
Glimglam… well, we'll just let her rule when there happens to be an eclipse.
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Background Pony #A778
I come from the future! and yes, thats twilight ultimate form at the end!
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Background Pony #E69A
Actually, Starlight would be in Lunas place. Luna even says Starlight reminds her of herself.