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suggestive129370 edit119315 edited screencap57120 screencap205638 pinkie pie204096 rarity170746 starlight glimmer44501 twilight sparkle283342 alicorn198929 earth pony204823 pony853995 unicorn272678 the cutie map4003 animated92750 caption19080 cropped45323 dialogue59473 equal cutie mark1375 facesitting3029 female1163258 image macro35871 impact font1386 implied facesitting77 innuendo1287 lesbian90520 mare425540 meme78949 s5 starlight1494 shipping184096 text51841 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115977 twistarlight516


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To think. They would be considered a common law couple now. (Living together for three years, or one year with a child.)
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