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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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Screw the Princess Dress. Rarity has helped Frazzle discover a whole new look, and a whole new attitude! Will Rarity live to regret it? Will Thunderlane??

This is the first piece I've produced in Clip Studio after using Photoshop for 20 years. It took literal days to complete. Old frogs rarely like learning new tricks, but I'm working on it! The next one should go down smoother!
suggestive (120223) artist:kaemantis (701) frazzle rock (112) rarity (163681) anthro (214138) unguligrade anthro (39918) bandeau (868) belly button (62899) breasts (220524) busty frazzle rock (13) choker (8047) clothes (382284) commission (45160) ear piercing (18729) earring (15741) evening gloves (7097) floppy ears (43876) freckles (22965) glasses (50679) gloves (15602) heart attack (135) jewelry (44114) leather stockings (18) long gloves (3955) midriff (17284) miniskirt (4350) pants (10782) piercing (31052) scared (8583) shirt (18911) skirt (33566) stockings (26928) thigh highs (25821) underboob (3347)


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