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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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Dragons migrate – we know this for sure. Big, adult dragons who usually live alone atop of pile of food and and can ravage a pony town with ease, gather in a huge flock and go somewhere far away. But what could force a creature so selfish and independent to leave its precious hoard and seek for protection of the pack? The answer is – they flee in fear. They are just too proud to admit it, or too scared to mention.

P. S. Nazi deer elves surely are the best possible development of Sirzi’s ideas.
safe (1448262)artist:smt5015 (64)deer (3698)original species (18810)airship (815)boat (1096)cloud (28889)crossbow (219)elaphogriff (2)grayscale (31529)helmet (8224)leather armor (85)monochrome (135976)pencil drawing (6624)ship (1032)skull (2350)spear (1989)traditional art (99210)weapon (23411)


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