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Оригинал >>1003247
safe (1428923)artist:doublewbrothers (434)edit (99106)apple bloom (43609)diamond tiara (9048)scootaloo (46514)sweetie belle (43813)earth pony (148136)human (130768)pegasus (187943)pony (697727)unicorn (203171)crusaders of the lost mark (1525)adorabloom (1971)bed (30978)bellyrubs (1000)bow (19386)comic (89450)cribbing (4)cute (148458)cutealoo (2187)cutie mark (33909)cutie mark crusaders (16244)cyrillic (1215)dialogue (50630)diamondbetes (393)diasweetes (2143)female (759785)filly (50499)first person view (424)hair bow (10390)hickey (41)imprisonment (25)kiss mark (801)lipstick (8092)looking at you (120442)nom (2623)offscreen character (24152)one eye closed (20359)open mouth (104170)petting (1487)pony simulator (38)pov (13105)russian (3345)season 5 comic marathon (34)simulator (32)smiling (183121)squeaky belle (24)sticker (1002)that escalated quickly (125)the cmc's cutie marks (4183)this ended in jail time (11)thumbnail is a stick (83)tiaralove (22)tickling (3665)translation (2275)underhoof (41250)upside down (4487)waving (2088)weapons-grade cute (2705)wide eyes (14288)yawn (1139)

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Lmao! I don’t speak Russian. So the whole time, I’m just looking at this like “awwww! So innocent.” Then suddenly tiara has a “matter of fact” and he’s behind bars. xD
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