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suggestive188480 artist:yakovlev-vad593 applejack198654 earth pony436999 pony1580139 g42004897 applebutt6561 applejack is a spankaholic120 blushing268428 butt226402 cheek fluff9181 dock69923 ear fluff49126 featureless crotch9188 female1778651 frog (hoof)19767 hay stalk183 implied rainbow dash1520 leg fluff4781 literal butthurt497 looking at you254007 looking back84791 looking back at you28744 offscreen character51161 onomatopoeia8045 plot140783 raised hoof68368 reddened butt1284 slender5017 solo1408209 solo female229994 spank mark1554 spanking3343 straw in mouth1475 sweat39720 sweatdrop6660 thin7847 underhoof67880


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Yeah, I didn’t quite get it at first but I think it’s meant to be a hoof print, similar to a hand mark if you slap someone hard enough. At first I thought it was a cutiemark.