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suggestive170186 artist:yakovlev-vad567 applejack186362 earth pony350690 pony1295883 applebutt5487 applejack is a spankaholic115 blushing234733 butt171123 butt blush1154 cheek fluff7686 dock60682 ear fluff40519 featureless crotch8019 female1579498 frog (hoof)17116 hay stalk171 implied rainbow dash1277 leg fluff3805 literal butthurt408 looking at you212355 looking back72378 looking back at you22363 offscreen character42888 onomatopoeia6232 plot111237 raised hoof58625 reddened butt612 slim1123 solo1246110 solo female204387 spank mark1334 spanking3065 straw in mouth1262 sweat32881 sweatdrop4393 thin172 underhoof60906


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Yeah, I didn’t quite get it at first but I think it’s meant to be a hoof print, similar to a hand mark if you slap someone hard enough. At first I thought it was a cutiemark.